Day 1 of Shakeology/Getting back into my rhythm

So my vanilla Shakeology came today. I’m kind of excited. I had a shake for lunch: one scoop of powder and 8 oz. of Chocolate Silk Almond (Light) and it was pretty dang yummy. I think for dinner I’ll blend in a banana.

What’s really nice about Shakeology is how quick it is to make, but also that in every serving I get all of my veggie/fruit nutrients for the day. Of course I’ll still try to eat some peas and carrots and apples, etc. but it’s nice knowing my picky-eater tendencies can be made up for so easily.

So that’s Day One. I weighed myself this morning: 209.8. I’m over my cold so tomorrow I’m going to my boxing class.

This is my plan for Week One workouts:

-Boxing (SatTu)

-At least two miles jogging (every day)

-50 squats (MWF)

-50 lunges (all together, not per leg) (MWF )

-30 tricep curls (STuTh)

-10 minutes of planks throughout workout (STuTh)

-various ab workouts equaling 100 crunches (or leg raises, etc.) (STuTh)

We’ll see how that goes and I’ll weigh myself again next Wednesday and see where I stand. I think Wednesdays will be my weekly blog.

If you want to join me on this quest, let me know. We’ll start a support group. Seriously, people being there for you makes things so much more rewarding. A little competition is good for you!

Wish me luck!

The First Step is Sometimes the Hardest

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been trying to lose weight with little success. Nearly 20 pounds shouldn’t be considered a small success, but since I got stuck there, and gained a few lbs. back, it’s not exactly a victory.

I’ve noticed that I can go on a diet, lost weight, maybe 10-15 pounds, but then I plateau. Maybe my success will come from shaking things up. I lost 19 pounds with Weight Watchers before I stopped seeing results. I wasn’t really exercising enough, which is probably one of my biggest problems. I hit 206.

Five months later, I was at 211.

Then I started running, but I wasn’t eating right.

I got to 205.5.

Then it got cold.

Now, I’m back at 210ish.

A few years ago, I had a little success with Shakeology. I’m trying that again. The meal replacement should be here by Thursday, so we’ll see how that goes.

Currently, I’m getting over a cold, which is just a lame excuse, I know, but I plan on getting back to running on stupid treadmills soon. I also have a boxing class that I love, but it’s 20 minutes away so that’s a big chunk of my day to drive there and back. I don’t go enough, even though it’s exactly what I need.

Anyway, this is where I stand now. I’m just afraid I’ll lose my motivation to get where I’m going. If anyone reads this who can relate, let’s talk. Leave a comment and we can support each other on our delta quests.

Peace out.

Time for a Change

My name is Molly. I’m fat. I’ve always been fat, or at least a little chubby. My problems started young. I have three older brothers, who ate anything. When I came around, my mom didn’t know how to force a kid to eat their vegetables. I didn’t want to, so I didn’t. I lived on powder yellow gatorade, or “wawa” as I called it. I would scream for that stuff if Mom tried to make me drink water. That was bad.

I was an adorable kid, and I ran around with my brothers playing outside.  I was fast, too. That kept me under control, weight wise. But when I hit 4th grade, I had a problem with my knees called Osgood-Schlatter Disease. It was a painful growth at the top of my shin, and for a year, I wasn’t allowed to participate in gym. By the end of that year, I couldn’t run anymore. My asthma had revealed itself in full force, I had gained weight, and I didn’t take care of myself. It started getting worse as I got older.

By high school, I was 5’8 and at about 190. By the time I graduated, I’d hit 200. By the end of college, I was nearly 225. Now I’ve tried to lose weight. I work out, I go on diets. Nothing seems to work. The spring of 2014 I joined Weight Watchers. I got down to 206, and then nothing. I stayed right there. I quit Weight Watchers, and right now I’m at about 210, so at least I didn’t really gain the weight back. But I’m stuck. I’m getting married in June and I want  to be in a size 10 dress, not 14. Two dress sizes. That’s my goal. Ultimately I’d like to get to a 6, but that’s probably just a dream. Healthy. That’s the real goal. That’s my delta quest.

Do you know much about “delta”? Probably not. It’s the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. It’s used a lot in math (yes, I’m a math nerd) and it’s a symbol for change, or difference. I’m looking to make a change. I’m on a quest for it, in fact.

I work from home, so I don’t get a lot of exercise. That’s going to change, very soon.

So that’s my story, but really, it’s just beginning.

A search for change, a quest for a different life